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Assignments at Sheridan College

These 3D Animation were created for assignments at Sheridan College Computer Animation and Visual and Creative Arts (VCA) courses.

The Capstone project was the final assignment of the Computer animation course that required to demonstrate all of the skills learned from modeling, rigging, rendering, and post-production processes, including sound design, editing, and final adjustments using After Effects.

A 3D design project for the Visual and Creative Arts course, the goal of which was to create a moving toy. This was my first rigging assignment completed in Blender.

The Song project required me to model, rig, and then animate an original character that would sing a five-second fragment of an assigned song, with a focus on lip movement.

The Short Group project had me working with a large team of fellow students, with a tight deadline of only one week. Early on, I was responsible for creating the setting and most of the plot. Near the end, I was in charge of creating the intro and outro cinematics, and editing the short film.

The Cute Creature project required me to model an original character that would look “cute”. The design had to be realistic but still retain a cartoonish feel. This was my first opportunity at working with dynamic hair in Blender.

The Computer Animation course’s first major assignment. This project required me to create a 5 second animation of a hand-animated ball (blue) and a dynamics-based ball (orange), both of which had to finish in the hole at the same time.

The Jump project was my first animation of a character in 3D. This project required me to find a reference for a jumping character and then to implement it in a 3D space, using a given rigged model.

The Walk project required me to animate a character who had to begin to walk and then to turn smoothly. As a bonus, I created an environment and a prop for the character.

The Throw project had me animating a provided character, which was required to throw an object. I decided to go above and beyond and to have two characters who tell a story, through their interaction.

The Magic Room was my second animation for the VCA course. This assignment required me to model a lamp. Additionally, I decided to create an entire room, to explore its interaction with the lighting.

The Parallax project required me to find an image and to create an illusion of a 3D environment. As a bonus, I worked with sound design to bring the whole animation to life.

The Aircraft project was one of my first animations. It was done in Blender, for the VCA course. The project required me to model an original aircraft, but I decided to go further and create a basic rig and to animate the aircraft.

Image Portfolio

Commissioned Website Imagery

The website owner required a mascot that represents the company name and lines of business, in a stylized format.

The website owner required the graphics that includes the logo and a picture that express the main idea of their product.

Commissioned Book Covers

I was hired to design book covers for a fantasy trilogy. After completing the trilogy, the author was so happy with my work, that our cooperation continued, and I illustrated his other titles as well. Initially, we tried to follow a certain standard, but later we decided to experiment with other design ideas as well.

The author required a specific typography, realistic planet with set features as seen from space, and a 3-layer bracelet sticking out of it. The star and lens flare were also required. This cover established a common style for all of the authors books.

This cover built on the foundation created by the previous book. It required a different planet and a different star. The planet uses a procedural lava material.

For this cover the author required a transparent model of a pocket watch. To meet the publishing date the current cover was agreed upon, but currently I am re-designing it with glowing digits and hands.

This cover required me to create a design built around the bracelet. The scene within the golden bracelet was design in 3D environment using all kinds of procedures to create realistic imagery that would reflect the authors vision for the story.

This cover was a re-design of an abstracted 2D vector graphic, that required me to design a realistic room with the constraints of reflections and materials.

This cover was a departure from the established design for this authors books, as I was required to make a realistic cover that would be 100% 3D, with the additional use of custom vector graphics that were used to enhance the visuals.

The author required me to design a 3D scene that features reflective surfaces of objects that should be immediately recognizable. The extra features of this cover are the reflection of the shelf and the label on the medicine bottle.

This experimental cover was required to be in a completely different, purely 2D style and it features a wire-frame twirl effect.

For this cover the author required a stylized mechanical, insect like cyborg, on a realistic asteroid as seen from space. For this cover I used subsurface material for the armor of the insect and a procedural texture for that surface of he asteroid.

Digital Art

Sheridan college VCA course assignment that required me to use Adobe Illustrator to create a poster that features vector graphics and typography designs that would explain to the reader, in detail, a educational info-graphic.

Sheridan college VCA course assinmgent that required me to design a GIF animation with the limit of 5-10 seconds. I used Aseprite, a pixel based software, to draw and animate the GIF.

A vector graphic that I design to send to my classmates during holidays.

Sheridan college VCA assignment that required me to design a product label for a hypothetical beverage. For the label itself, I used Adobe Illustrator to design the mascot and ingredient label with barcode. Additionally I wanted to complete the design further, so I 3D modeled a soda can and applied the image as texture.